Cushion Inners


Cushion Inners

We make trade cushions inners in:

  • Duck feather
  • Feather (85%) and down (15%)
  • Down (51%) and duck feather (49%                      
  • Pure down
  • Fibre

This enables your customer to make a choice between different softness levels and fill power.
You can choose standard shapes including square, rectangular, round or heart but because everything we make is bespoke other shapes are more than possible. In our workroom, there is no such thing as a standard size of rectangle!



Squares range from 12” square to 36“ square or larger if you wish.
All of the feather and down inners are covered with the best quality cambric, a 100 % natural material which reduces the migration of the feathers

Bolster rolls and floor cushions

You tell us how big you want them and we will make them, again in a choice of the five fillings depending upon your clients’ requirements.