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Duck Feather Cushion Inners

We do not buy the cheapest feathers and we only use small whole duck feathers. Some suppliers will use so-called curled feathers which are in fact mechanically broken larger feathers which can lead to sharp points protruding through the inner and give higher levels of residual feather dust.


We simply supply you with the best quality that is available in the UK. Down clusters grow underneath the outer protective layer of feathers and are very different particularly in terms of having much greater loft. Down will never mature into feather and globally is in much shorter supply than feather.

100 % down is pure luxury,  the ultimate in softness. We also supply feather and down mixes, either 85 % feather and 15% down or 51 % down and 49% feather.


All of other down and feather inners are made from the finest quality cambric. Our cambric is made from choice American or Egyptian cotton, with 200 thread count woven on Sulzerlooms with a heavy calendered finish

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Should your contract require fire resistant cambric or poly cotton we can provide this.

Duck feather and health

All of our duck feathers go through rigorous washing and drying purification processes to ensure utmost cleanliness. They are washed with specified detergents and sterilised at 120 degrees C, and viruses cannot survive at this temperature. The strict processing route is compliant with the European Cleanliness Standard BS EN 12935.

Our supplier works with the most up to-date guidelines set out by the International Animal Health Division, who are a department of DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) as well as the IDFL (International Down & Feather Laboratory) and finally EDFA (European Down & Feather Association). This means that our supplier receives regular updates on any restrictions, problems or guidelines regarding cleanliness requirements from the most authoritative and informed sources. The authorities are satisfied that properly processed feather carries no public health risk.